Transcripts in General
In order to be fully admitted, the university requires an official transcript from each university attended by a student. Before a person can qualify for a provisional teaching certificate, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires an official transcript for each university attended by a teacher candidate.
About Official Transcripts

Two criteria must be met before a transcript can be considered official:
• The transcript must indicate a degree
      has been conferred.
• The university must receive the
     transcript in the U. S. Mail from
     another institution. The transcript
     cannot be mailed by any individual.

About Unofficial Transcripts
Unofficial transcripts do not indicate degree conferral, and/or have been provided to
the university by any method other than U.S. Mail (or FedEx/UPS) from another institution. Examples: uploaded in the application, mailed by the student or another individual.
Unofficial transcripts will allow students
to be admitted for the Fall 2019 semester
only. This is known as provisional
admittance. In situations like this official transcripts will be required by the end of October 2019.
About Ordering Your Transcripts
Since indicating degree conferral is so important, you should make sure your degree has been conferred before you place an order for official transcripts.